Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coyote selling overseas...

For all those who wish to buy Coyote silver jewels and don't live in India..

CR 118 - silver earrings

CR 224 - gold plated silver finger ring

You may buy it now on Jypore. Jypore is doing an event where they are selling Coyote designs for a period of 30 days. The names given to the designs were chosen by the team, while I was not reachable. So some may not be actual..but the designs are 100% Coyote!

Some cool detail shots are up on their site..

detail of CR 213 gold plated silver earrings

detail of CY 5 silver earrings

detail of CN 54 gold plated silver earrings

detail of CY 2 gold plated silver earrings with garnets

detail of CR 81 gold plated silver 'karchiyaan - kaan k zewar' earrings 

detail of CR 215 gold plated silver earrings

detail of CY 85 silver earrings

detail of CY 8 gold plated silver earrings with green onyx and coral

Happy shopping!

Image courtesy (for this post):

Friday, January 18, 2013

the long and short of it ...umm... long mostly.

There is something absolutely sensuous about long earrings on slim necks! 
CM6 - gold plated silver earrings with turquoise

CR 74 - gold plated silver earrings

Call me a sensuist..but the way they skim the shoulders or caress the neck.. its a sight to sigh for! ...and the tingly feeling only the wearers secret.

CN 147 - silver earrings with yellow onyx

CN 147 - gold plated silver earrings

I dont just love textures, I love long neck frisking earrings too. So, to quench my curiosity I got counting... How many have I made? ...and a daunting task it turned out!

CN 30 - silver earrings with pink chalcedony

CR 76 - gold plated silver earrings 

Work from over seven years was hard to skim through. The lines get all blurry each time I try and put them under shapes. So far, I have singled out only hoops and now these.

CR 75 - silver earrings

CG6 - gold plated earrings

When I started segregating them... I had thin long ones... thick long ones... wide long ones... curvaceous long ones... Now this was confusing! So I made up my mind to keep it simple. I chose from all.

CG3 - silver earrings with agates

CR 61 - silver earrings

By long earring I mean 6 cms onwards. 

CY 81 - gold plated silver earrings with turquoise and pink chalcedony

CG 5 - gold plated silver and silver earrings

I had too many... over 40! I decided to cut out the ones I had used on the blog before. I still had 35!

CY 24 - silver earrings with blue zircons

So here is my best try... Enjoy seeing my work through my eyes...

CM 10 - silver jaali earrings with blue chalcedony tumble

This post was scheduled to get auto-posted on 14th Jan. But somehow it did not. So...

CN 162b - gold plated silver earrings with carnelian and citrine

Belated... Happy Pongal! Happy Uttran! Happy Lohrii!

Lots of love.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New beginnings.. and a happy 2013!

CR 130 - gold plated silver earrings

A very happy and love filled new year to you all! 2012 went by in a jiffy... Lots happened... good and not so good... marriages, passing away, travels, breaks (of bones), growth, learnings, partnering... and more.

I would not even apologize for being away and not blogging... it would not cover a thing! 

CR 146 - oxidized silver earrings with yellow onyx

A fabulous thing that happened is... I offered a dear and gorgeous friend Divya to become my partner on some collections... and guess what! She agreed... secretly at first... under the pseudonym Mehrunisa. Openly then...

CR 139 - gold plated silver earrings

We both have very different sensibilities and a knack for details. Her ideology is more Indian than mine. Cohesively we build up on each others ideas to create a stunning mix of our languages. In some designs you will see more of my style (concurrent) and a touch of hers...and vise versa.

CR 134 - gold plated silver earrings with turquoise tumbles

As long as she is available... I shall work with her. 
Our line is called 'Kohl for Coyote'. 

CR 164 - silver earrings

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy 2012!

Happy happy new year everyone... 

Dropped in to wish you guys and quickly post two of my favourite pieces that came in some time back. I love them because they are so effortless form wise and still hold their own very well... due to their size, texture and the stark plating.
CR 104

Love the one above for its length [7cms+] and the one below for its width [4cms]

CR 103

With a marriage in the family, this month end and my dance I can barely make time for anything.. but I promise to make it up for the long absence, very soon!

Loads of love luck and moolah... 
for times ahead...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Exclusively for Sanctum

Previous post began with thanking Sandhya Gorthi of The Shop. This post contains pictures from the new customized and exclusive collection for a new brilliant lifestyle store in Mumbai (19th road, Khar) called 'Sanctum'. This ones too owned by the same amazing woman called Sandhya Gorthi.

Sanctum is a fabulous split level 'Shabby chic' store thats all about affordable designs. 

CR 125 - the one with turquoise

CR 116 - the scribbled ones

My partner for this project is a very interesting young lady called Mehrunisa. She helps me in maintaining the sugar in my designs and I help her with spices ;) Have I told you I love sugar! and cry at the mere mention of spices.

For the earrings above... I was just scribbling with my pencil. Nisa (Mehrunisa) just took my pencil and added a hook to one of my scribbles. And voila! 

Design wise, we compliment each other like roti and sabji...

CR 115 - the tribal ones

CR 122 - the popular ones with green cz

CR 126 - the most fabulous ones

A large number of pieces have been designed by Coyote specially for this project. Will add more soon. Some sooper interesting and unusual nose pins are going to show up too! The brief was to keep the pieces for the store pocket friendly and very Coyote!

Coyote is happy to be working with Sandhya and Sanctum.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bartan by Coyote ....2

The SALE was fabulous! Would love to thank The Shop, Sandhya Gorthi and the whole team at the store.

The response to both the new collections was amazing! Great feedbacks too... So I thought of sharing some more pictures from the 'bartan' series here.

karchiyaan - kaan k zewar (earrings)

tawa - kapde ka zewar (brooch)

You have seen the above two designs.. Some more below..

karchiyaan - kapde ke zewar (set of 3 pins - brooch)

pateeliyaan - kapde vah gale ka zewar (brooch cum pendant)

pateeli - haath ka zewar (double finger ring)

After seeing this collection 'bartan'... many freinds and strangers came and shared their childhood stories and stories of how they played with their friends. I wanted to make this series forever... because of my happy memories attached to it. I guess the feeling was very honest and rubbed off on a lot of people who saw it. It evoked nostalgia...

Have one more good news to share! I shall soon be holding an online Sale for those far away from Mumbai. So make space in your calendars for next week! Shall announce the dates soon!

Will be adding the pictures of the second collection very very soon! Also have some more great news lined up... wait on..

Have an energetic monday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bartan by Coyote

A quick and short post!

introducing....... bartan by Coyote. 

karchiyaan - kaan k zewar (earrings)

I loved playing with these baby utensils as a child. And once fried baby pooris in my baby pan too! Now these utensil sets are almost extinct! Available only in poor quality plastic. I have been itching to do this one for as long as I can remember! The whole collection resembles pots, pans, cup saucers, tongs, etc.

tawa - kapde ka zewar (brooch)

To see more of this collection... drop in at The Shop in Pali Naka (Drego House), Bandra (Mumbai) on any day up till the 4th of August 2011. From 11am to 9pm.

Let me know how you like this collection and if you have any ideas from childhood, waiting to take form... 

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