Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wire work on sheet 

A few more of my designs... Sterling silver and 22k gold plated. I wanted to try and work with layers. So I designed some everyday pieces. Small ones. Now small ones in my dictionary are atleast about 1.5 inches. Dont feel they show, if they are any smaller.

Layering on silver is easy. But cleaning up the mess around...never! It can be quite a task! Be it layering with wire, sheet or stamps. I had fun trying these pieces. They failed the quality check so many times, that they had to be cleaned over and over! 
Stamping on sheet

The pair above is reversible. It is gold plated on one side and silver on the other.

Now that I had tried my hand at these. I decided to push my luck. Planned another piece. This time it was wire on 'textured sheet'. I know I was taking a chance and the pieces could be totally inferior in quality. But now that the idea had occurred, I had to make an attempt. The result was not very pleasing in the first go. Turned out worth it all, in the end...

Wire work on textured sheet

Have a superb weekend!


vjarumugam said...

I love the way you think and respond to your creative side. It really surprises me many a times. And the flavor that you bring in to your pieces(the so called small ones!)is impeccable. Its quite a trip to watch you come up with such wonderful hep creations. :) Waiting for more updates!

dvj said...

I am glad you watch and enjoy the whole process I go through :)Each time new designs arrive in the parcel, you seem more excited to open it! :D
Love you!! for this and much more...

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