Monday, July 26, 2010

tactile textures...

snake chain texture pendant

I fell in love with precious metals while I was learning all about them. The numberless textures that can be done over them amaze me further. The look and feel of each one is prodigious. Those all who love metals will exactly know what I am saying.

punch tool texture - CY 2

crinkled texture - CM 4

As students we were meticulously taught the difference between a texture and a pattern. However, the difference between a texture and a finish... was left for us to decipher. I am sure my friends from college will read this and smile.

pinched wire texture - CN 47

planned hammered texture - CN 66

Commonly, textures are created by employing dapping, hammering, pinching, scratching, crushing, by using textured rolling plates, etc. But  anything that can be scribbled on paper, can be transposed as a texture onto silver. Feel guilty while saying that I have not been very experimental with textures. But I have tried a few... and still keep getting mesmerized!

random hammering - CN 95

Do you love textures?


Vintage Obsession said...

So glad you dropped by , now i know an Indian blog with awesome jewelery :)Very nice :)

dvj said...
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dvj said...

Thanks a ton Miss Vintage Obsession! I am really glad you feel this way. I enjoy your spirit of dressing up!

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