Thursday, August 5, 2010


traditional jaali - CN 37

traditional jaali - CN 72

Yesterday I was conversing with a friend how, after a point in life, one acquires certain tastes and respect for certain items... could be a tanga painting, a muga silk scarf, rosewood furniture, vintage wine, etc. They become collectors items. One understands and starts appreciating its silent features viz. demanding process, small human errors and flaws that add character, hard work and time gone into the making each piece, more than the visible ones like beauty, artistry, finesse and value.

contemporary jaali - CG 12

contemporary jaali - CN 141

Jaali (lattice) jewellery to me is one such collectible. If I had to explain I'd say, the pattern that remains after bits are cut out of the sheet, is called jaali. The more intricate the better. Contemporary jaalis are quite fascinating too.

traditional jaali - CN 36

traditional jaali - CN 74

contemporary jaali pendant

The last image is of a pendant. One of my student days' design.
Cant explain the lust I feel for jaalis!


suhasini paul said...

very pretty...i love them all :)

dvj said...

Gracias Suhasini. Hope all is good for you.

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