Monday, August 30, 2010

Off the hook..... and posts

CN 4

How many of you dislike the hooks attached on top of every possible earring made by man? Dont they look morbid? I think they do. There are two options... hooks (u-shaped wires) or a post (the straight stem like tiny rod with a screw). These days even gold posts come with snap fit screws, so no threading and twisting is required. Dropping and searching time still does not get saved!



CN 14

There was a time I dint design or make silver jewellery. I bought. But my heart was set against them. It looked to me as though these hooks and posts were mass produced and put on top/behind every earring made on Earth!

CN 107

CN 12

CY 10

Posts were especially a pain! Have funny nose squirming memories. Every morning I had to walk half a kilometer to get to my school bus. I was perpetually running late. So I would shove my tiny earrings (with post and snap fit screws!), my rings and my watch in my skirt pocket and run out of the house. Tried to put on every thing before boarding the bus. AND.... almost every other day, I use to drop my earrings' screw! I searched mud each time with the bus right ahead and many exasperated heads hanging out! Bothersome yaadein!


CY 28

CR 28

So when I started designing I decided to try and do off with these hooks or posts in as many designs as possible. I extended the design in such a way that the hooks would be incorporated in it and the piece could simple be slipped on.

CN 50


CR 4

I would not say they all look sad. Sometimes they best compliment a design too. But I felt deprived that time. I have never liked compromising! And for my wardrobe or home...... never ever!


Made a few in the beginning and dint stop.

CR 20

 Incline towards them still...

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