Friday, December 17, 2010


I have been thinking this for quite some time now... I feel my way of blogging is too sterile. I mean its too clean kinds! I want it to be too perfect... And I am so not that! So from now on I am going to induce a new flavour... ME!

This blog is not just going to be all about my work.... (my label Coyote) but also what all I am up to besides my work.

The idea of personalizing my space and things around me, comes very naturally to me. It just feels right! From designing stickers for my water bottles to doodling on my sunscreen tube, I've done lots! Keep removing labels of these things though. Find them very space invading. 

I love trying crazy things on my self. Love to check and expand my boundaries, growth (not physically though) and keep expressing myself. New hair dos to new hair colors (last one was turquoise), have a piercing too and my latest proud expression is my tattoo!! 

marked with loved ones

The above script is Hindi. I scribbled it on a tissue paper and got it traced on me! It's a list of all the important people in my life (their initials). This picture was taken about after 3 days of getting inked.

The point is... there will be a lot of humane touch from hereon. I will still be sharing beautiful things around me, only not necessarily made by me.

Cheers to newness!


nikheel said...

Even I am thinking of SIMILAR one but of course on diff location.

dvj said...

Of course!! Do it.... delay and see what happens... some one else does it! Look forward to see what you do.... :)

Sneha May Francis said...

i'd like to get in touch with you to place some jewellery orders... please tell me how!

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