Friday, December 10, 2010

tureens..... one of my favourite words

Tureens or little dishes is what I call them. These little ones are also known as 'diyas' or 'Indian lamps'. All in silver...

ganesha diyas

CV 1. sitting ganesh

CV 2. lying ganesha

The above two designs are of the same size and not more than 1.5 inches each. They look very cute in a set of two. I prefer using them for 'chawal & kumkum/kesar'.

CV 3. ganesha diya with a baati holder

This one is over 2 inches in size. The most troubling part of making diyas/tureens is cleaning the concave part of it. It employs two, sometimes three different processes. In the above cases its the Ganeha's tummy :)

CV 5. ganesha profile

CV 7. tri-turee 
One can keep 'chawal' and 'kumkum' and 'kesar/chandan' all together.

CV 4. baby spoon

This one is a baby spoon. And once the baby grows up, it can be used as a diya. This one has dark green cut onyxes.

CV 8

I like this one. It has a textured wire circling the concave part and an oval cab, bright blue American turquoise of a very fine quality, minus the natural inclusions.

Have many more sterling silver accessories to add here. Shall do it bit by bit.
Rushing to get ready. Have a movie to catch! Did I tell you one of my other favorite things is watching movies. On an average, I watch at least 3-5 movies in a week.

Happy watching to me and to you!


The Ketchup Girl said...

gooooorgeous, Dipika. I'm so mesmerized by your creations.

dvj said...

Dear Ketchup Girl! Happy you like my work... and I am smitten by the quirk in your chosen name... :D Hail tomatoes!

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