Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall...

....lets see which is the prettiest of them all!

lotus leaf mirrors

These designs are made of mirror acrylic. Light... in weight and on pockets. The good part is  you don't need to drill holes for these. One can also stick them in places where drilling isn't an option.... bathroom tiles, bathroom doors, cupboards, etc, besides the usual places.

lotus mirrors

mughal motif (1) mirrors

The mughal motif ones, come in a set of six. So there is a choice of making your own patterns on the wall. The blue background for the designs is my cupboard.

mughal motif (2) mirrors

The above design is one of my favourite. Not only the formations happen great...the negative also makes a pattern!

The leaves below come in a set of 5 or 7.

pot mirror leaf

heart mirror leaf

mirror leaf

Again, my partner for the pieces in this post is Vrushali. Also, we thought of something new..... we call them the 'couple coasters'. As the name says, they are coasters for two people to enjoy their drinks together! There are the usual colors we have used and there are these exciting transparent florescents.... all are below.

couple coaster2

fluorescent couple coaster 1

fluorescent couple coaster2

couple coaster 1

The florescent couple coasters were difficult to click. One, their shadow blurs the edges and two, they look good in dark (in the picture i.e). These were made for the last exhibition. And now are in stores. Cant find a proper packaging for these though! Any ideas.....?

A lot more, in mirrors, besides the above has happened since then. Will post more pictures soon. Waise I got back sooper quick this time, haan?!

Happy Pongal! Happy Lohri! Happy Uttraan!


nikheel said...

Stunning Mirrors, what are their sizes? Absolutely loved the couple coasters :)
Check reply to your comment :)

dvj said...

Thanks Nikheel :) the mirrors are about 4 inches (each piece). Have also made some large ones... about 12 inches. Having some more fun with them...shall add the pictures here soon.

Sound Horn Please said...

Gosh Deepika- LOVE those mirrors! How are they priced? Are the Lotus ones sold in a set of 2? The Mughal motif ones? Prices please!

isha said...

di loved ur creation.......they r awsme......u have changed d entire idea of mirror....

dvj said...

Dear Divya.... sooper happy you like them! They are all priced within 500/- to 1000/- INR. And yes Lotus ones come in a set of 2 and Mughal motif ones in a set of 6. Have large single ones too... Order as you please! :)

Dear Isha.... I am blissed at the though of altering your everyday idea :)

Aurvi said...

Hi, I absolutely love the mirrors! Where can I buy them? Are they available online?

dvj said...

Hello Aurvi... happy you like them! You can buy them from me directly. Mail me your choice on coyote.dipika@gmail.com. And I'll mail back the details. I can send them anywhere in India. Shipping's free!

Sahil Sahily said...

Hi, love the Mughal and Lotus mirrors, pls email me details and prices I love them, I am in USA I will love to get some of them. Thank you great craftsmanship!!

dvj said...

Dear Sahil Sahily.. please type back your email address. Sorry for the delay.

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