Thursday, January 6, 2011

New beginings....

A very happy and love filled new year to all!

Had a crazy time at the new years party. The party began on 30th night and the madness went on till lunch hours of 1st. The bone chilling cold... terrace party... bonfire... barbecue... dancing... and my insane friends... all made it a very very memorable time!
CP4 - sterling silver brooch

I love this brooch! Not only because of the fabulous color of chalcedony, also because of the french metal technique it is made with - repousse. (embossing and chasing the same piece of metal). It is locally done in India in the city of Jaipur. Oh! By the way I visited Jaipur for a few days just before the year end. It was as amazing as I remembered. In Jaipur this technique is called 'chitaai-kaam' or 'chitrai-kaam'. Love the 3D feel it adds to the design. Below is a picture of an actual (not controlled) instinctively worked on repousse piece.

repousse sample in silver

Start working on all the things you have ever wanted to...right now!!

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