Friday, February 25, 2011

industrial training.... ideas galore

Photo frames.... last post ended with it and this one begins with it. By now, my greed to learn, discover, explore and execute was at its peak!

3 inches high photo frame with silver and copper stamps

Stamping is a technique used in precious and non-precious metals to save time, energy and the metal. Difficult to solder it properly though! Its a kind of die cutting. I was trying to mix copper and brass with silver, using this time saver. Copper and silver frame follows below. Understood their melting points and differences. Brass was melting so fast it almost got disfigured! 

Don't miss the black-ish marks inside the ashtray! It was a trouble I faced throughout. Later, after much R&C (reading - checking) I figured out the reason. Different kinds of impurities that get missed while purifying silver results in different coloured marks... red-ish, green-ish and black-ish.

Let me not bore you! The above piece triggered off another product idea...

2 3/4inches long photo frame in silver with copper stamps

condiment dish from 'droplets' series has a similar black mark issue around the stone caps

3 inches wide textured photo frame in silver with brass stamps and moonstone

Amrapali factory has a treasure of handmade beads in silver and copper. I was given a full day to play with them! I danced around in a tribal madness, had my fun and made a few things too...

silver picke jar + lid + spoon set with copper beads

The pickle jar turned out adorable! Just about 3 and 1/2 inches in diameter. A 2 day old silver turning set up provided the idea. Added a coiled copper wire on the spoon for a similar language.

3 inches long silver fruit picks with silver and copper beads

a few styles of copper + silver beads

silver beads linked - 3 1/2inches

with colored round beads

The piece above came to life as I added color beads. Thought of making a coaster out of it. But the beads disagreed with my idea. It had a life of its own! I have a feeling, this idea can be made into a fabulous silver stole... Given a chance (loads of silver beads and money too!) I'd love to take it forward.

I was playing around with it and yet another idea struck...

silver beads' bracelet

This was the last product I made there. By the way... I did design and make at least, a good 7-8 pieces more that I dint bother clicking/documenting! "These are not very important! I can always make them again" ...that was the kind of high I was on!

Let me know how you like the pieces so far. Shall come back with more! Wondering what remains when the last product picture is right above...?

The best pieces still crave a debut...
Happy flirting!


Toya said...

Absolute Gorgeous work,must say!!!Really inspring :)

dvj said...

Toya... Intriguing name! Very happy you feel inspired by my work. Do drop in again soon, to see the 3rd part of this post.

Zarna said...

these pieces look amazing!! you are so talented!

dvj said...

Thanks sou very much Zarna! Really enjoy your style..

Anonymous said...

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