Tuesday, February 22, 2011

industrial training.... in black & white

a set of 2 triangular silver condiment dishes

As a student my industrial training happened at Amrapali Jewels of Jaipur. Those who know about it, would agree it is the Mecca of Indian jewellery. Year after year they belt out perfect pieces favoured by stylish people world over. And yes! I was fortunate enough to train with them.

silver condiment dish from the 'droplets' series


photo frame from the 'droplets' series

When I went there I was not sure what was going to emerge or what would I discover. And I am glad and lucky I was there......... would be the understatement of my entire life!

another silver condiment dish from the 'droplets' series

a tiny photo frame with sandblasted technique from the 'droplets' series


My brief for those 6 weeks, from my institute, was to just explore and learn. And from the company was to make gift articles in sterling silver that would easily fit in my hand. And I have small hands! 16cms in length to be precise.

ashtray inverted

silver ashtray from the 'droplets' series


This post would become too too large with way too many pictures if I added all my explorations and my products in one go. So I have decided to break it up... maybe in 3 posts to keep it clean and exciting.

close up of the sandblasted photo frame

Decided to end with a dash of color. Promise to be back with some very exciting things...

Have a birthday party to attend!


Glen Woodfin said...

Those are lovely and unique designs of silver pieces! Where can I get one of those? I would like to add it up to my silver collection.

dvj said...

Thanks for the appreciation Glen! I designed those many years back as a student. I will have to make them again if you need them. Let me know. Meanwhile, watch out this space for the follow up articles... I will be posting two more posts with many more silver products.


RepublicOfChic said...

You trained at Amrapali!? Wowee..
Wait a min.. You're THAT Dipika Vijay. It all makes sense now. Sorry if I sound like a dumb groupie but I LOVE your work and I have to gush! :)

dvj said...

Dear RepublicOfChic...
I am the only Dipika Vijay whos trained at Amrapali so far :) No idea what triggered your confusion and how many you know by this name :D Feel very flattered by your style of praising!
Thanks and do drop by again...

Morph Academy said...

i love your creativity. this is amazing.

six months industrial training in chandigarh

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