Friday, February 11, 2011

once upon a time...

As a student at National institute of Design (NID) in the city of Ahemedabad, I have spent innumerable sleepless nights! Over my work mostly...
Thought I'll share somethings with you all.

Feline - in resin

'Feline' is a perfume bottle designed as the final submission for a module called 'Nature & Form'. It was mandatory to go through a form course every semester. They were my favourite! I chose cats as my subjects. I went crazy reading and soaking up all about cats!! I zeroed in on the 'grooming and scenting' attributes of cats and designed a perfume bottle based on it. Spent many a silent (music only in background) nights working alone in the studio shaping and re-shaping this one!
It was first made in styrofoam, then cast in POP, then vacuum formed, then filled with resin and then shaped for very very long...

Below is the result of another form course - Form Integration. Here we were required to merge two geometrical forms triangle and semi circle.Triangle is visible and the base is semi circle.

Form - in POP

I also made a few bags!

An opulent bag with ruffles

We had a chance to work on a live project called 'Afri Khadi'. During this module African handicrafts artists had come to our institute (from Africa of course!) and joined hands with Indian handicrafts artists. Final products were showcased in a fashion show. I designed bags made of felt, in basic geometric forms, and embellished them with MOP. That years' Miss India Nikita Anand happened to walk the ramp with one of my bags.

Miss India Nikita Anand with circular felt bag

An African model with rectangular felt bag

An Indian model with semi circular felt bag

Made a lot of stuff in silver during my internship. Shall add that soon. Untill then...
Hasta Pronto!

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