Saturday, April 9, 2011

paisa! paisa! paisa!

A glimpse of my up coming collection. All around coins.. Indian 5re coins.. Money/coins always excite me. Who doesn't get worked up about it? 
CY 61 - coin brooch with blue chalcedony and coral

Completely adore it. The stone is half set and half stuck on the sikka. It's actually at an angle, the base is lower than the coin and the tip higher. Ring and neckpiece will follow soon. 

By the way! This collection will be called 'Paanch Rupaiyya'. All the coins used in this one are usable and not damaged at all.

Let me know what excites you?


Zarna said...

what a beautiful coin brooch!

dvj said...

thanks zarna... :) said...

dipika just love all your designs!do let me know where and when your exhibitions are on in mumbai.

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