Monday, June 13, 2011

i still want my hula hoop

Ever heard this song from the animated film Alvin and the Chipmunks? I went crazy when I heard it first.. specially on this line. 
CN 43 - inspired by Vajra

CN 79 - texture and layering inspired by fish scales

CN 44

Hoops...... classy and crazy! You can find all sorts. I suddenly noticed that I too have made a lot of hoops over the years. 

CN 25

CR 67

CR 33 - with carved turquoise flowers

The good part about them... is that they are so versatile! They can be clubbed on any outfit... be it Indian or otherwise.

CN 100 + CN 101

CN 100 + CN 105

CR 32 + CN 102

 ...and they suit all face cuts!

CN 159

CN 133 - with blue chalcedony

CY 20

The most lo-hass piece in a jewellery box!

CN 155 - carved in turquoise with carnelians

How many hoops do you have?


Allie said...

Good stuff :)

dvj said...

Thanks Allie :)

Vinita said...

hi.. Can you please let me know if the pieces on are if jewellery show are available for purchase? I'm interested in 2 pieces CN 39 & CN102.
If possible pl mail me details of the size and material used for both & the cost.


dvj said...

Dear Vinita... you need to leave your mail id for me to mail you the details...

The material used for all the jewellery on this blog is sterling silver...9.25 And the gold plating on them is 18k.

Tresor Paris said...

Your jewelery are very classy and you have a very good collections of designer jewelery. Let me know the cost of this earnings.

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