Tuesday, June 28, 2011

old me vs/ the new me...

Old me was great! The me in middle was a little low. And the me now is like never before!

When I did a post on my industrial trainings' learnings and makings and explorations... I got a few ideas. Imagine... getting ideas from ideas!

So using two ideas from the last post of industrial training (read the text below these images in the earlier/linked post to get the point)...

'un-holed' blue ball exploration

textured golf ball with stamps behind

I made a these two..

Blue ball double finger ring - CR 87

Blue ball double finger ring - CR 87

Golf ball pendant/brooch - CR 

Golf ball pendant/brooch with stamps behind - CR 88

Have an easy easy week ahead!


gold ira investing said...

are these pendants?

dvj said...

Dear Ira... The first 2 are explorations. Next 2 finger ring. Last 2 pendant.

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