Sunday, July 17, 2011

this one or that one... for the SALE

I am holding a SALE  of my designs, old as well as new, in Mumbai. It is in a fabulous lifestyle store called The Shop in Pali in Bandra.

For the SALE I have made three e-invites. I have sort of made up my mind as to which one I like. But can always use a few more votes/suggestions. 

Which one do you like out of these..

invite 1.
The invite above has one of my favourite pieces.. the 'Jai Mata Di' brooch and CN 107 - stiletto earrings.

invite 2.
Invite no 2 has CP4 - the repousse brooch I had earlier posted. And a ring from my 'Paanch Rupaiyya' collection, in which all the coins are removable and usable without being damaged.

invite 3.
This invite has a pendant with turquoise made by me during my industrial training and CY 81 earrings.

The last one does not have very clear shots I feel. And my favourite is no 1. Which invite would you answer to?

The SALE is from 22nd to 28th of July. 11-9 on weekdays and 12-9 on Sunday. I shall also unveil 2 new collection on the 22nd of July at The Shop. These shall stay on display till the 4th of August. (Will post images from the two new collections very soon).

Happy shopping in the SALE! And I'll be seeing you there..


sari said...


Chanced upon this blog while bloghopping, I am amazed by your talent. I wud luv to own each and every one of the jewellery. U r really gifted. I am wondering how much they cost and where can I see more designs. I am based in Chennai. I liked the middle invite..

dvj said...

Dear Sari... Extremely happy you like my work. And will be beyond thrilled if you own each and every design of mine ;D

Almost all the pieces fall between the price range of 1500/- to 6500/- INR. All the pieces are tagged with their individual codes. Let me know if you like anything in particular. Mail me on for more details.

Thanks for stating your choice of invite. It helped.
Shukriya again!

best gold ira said...

do you do it on your own?

dvj said...

Dear Best Gold Ira.. Yes I do.. Designing of the pieces, photographing them, making these e-invites and other graphic work required.

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