Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coyote selling overseas...

For all those who wish to buy Coyote silver jewels and don't live in India..

CR 118 - silver earrings

CR 224 - gold plated silver finger ring

You may buy it now on Jypore. Jypore is doing an event where they are selling Coyote designs for a period of 30 days. The names given to the designs were chosen by the team, while I was not reachable. So some may not be actual..but the designs are 100% Coyote!

Some cool detail shots are up on their site..

detail of CR 213 gold plated silver earrings

detail of CY 5 silver earrings

detail of CN 54 gold plated silver earrings

detail of CY 2 gold plated silver earrings with garnets

detail of CR 81 gold plated silver 'karchiyaan - kaan k zewar' earrings 

detail of CR 215 gold plated silver earrings

detail of CY 85 silver earrings

detail of CY 8 gold plated silver earrings with green onyx and coral

Happy shopping!

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1 comment:

sanaya pandit said...

now thats sad that we dont get that amazing stuff here. the jewelry is gorgeous!

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