Friday, January 18, 2013

the long and short of it ...umm... long mostly.

There is something absolutely sensuous about long earrings on slim necks! 
CM6 - gold plated silver earrings with turquoise

CR 74 - gold plated silver earrings

Call me a sensuist..but the way they skim the shoulders or caress the neck.. its a sight to sigh for! ...and the tingly feeling only the wearers secret.

CN 147 - silver earrings with yellow onyx

CN 147 - gold plated silver earrings

I dont just love textures, I love long neck frisking earrings too. So, to quench my curiosity I got counting... How many have I made? ...and a daunting task it turned out!

CN 30 - silver earrings with pink chalcedony

CR 76 - gold plated silver earrings 

Work from over seven years was hard to skim through. The lines get all blurry each time I try and put them under shapes. So far, I have singled out only hoops and now these.

CR 75 - silver earrings

CG6 - gold plated earrings

When I started segregating them... I had thin long ones... thick long ones... wide long ones... curvaceous long ones... Now this was confusing! So I made up my mind to keep it simple. I chose from all.

CG3 - silver earrings with agates

CR 61 - silver earrings

By long earring I mean 6 cms onwards. 

CY 81 - gold plated silver earrings with turquoise and pink chalcedony

CG 5 - gold plated silver and silver earrings

I had too many... over 40! I decided to cut out the ones I had used on the blog before. I still had 35!

CY 24 - silver earrings with blue zircons

So here is my best try... Enjoy seeing my work through my eyes...

CM 10 - silver jaali earrings with blue chalcedony tumble

This post was scheduled to get auto-posted on 14th Jan. But somehow it did not. So...

CN 162b - gold plated silver earrings with carnelian and citrine

Belated... Happy Pongal! Happy Uttran! Happy Lohrii!

Lots of love.

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