Those who care to care..

Clean and care for silver..

  • Always keep silver jewels in transparent plastic ziplock pouches (or air tight bags) after use. This prevents moisture from seeping in and delays tarnishing for a prolonged period.

  • Further, storing these zip locked pieces categorically in fabric potlees/pouches or plastic or wooden boxes assures safety and saves time.
  • Silver D.I.Y cleaning tip: Use a tiny dot of any menthol based toothpaste (colgate, pepsodent, close up, etc.) on a soft cotton cloth and polish your silver. Clean it with cool water and dry well. (I use a hair drier for surety).
  • The above tip is not applicable for gold plated silver. Gold will rub off completely!
  • Gold plated silver needs more care or else more visits to your local jeweller for re-plating. It either turns dull/reddish or the gold wears off eventually. To keep it beaming and new for a longer period, keep it moisture free. 
  • Delicate neckpieces or very slinky chains can be stored in separate boxes. To keep them tangle free wrap them over small paper tubes or cones before putting them in boxes.
  • Precious jewellery with gem stones is best kept wrapped in a soft cloth like muslin or in air tight pouches with compartments.  This will avoid stones rubbing and scratching against each other.

In case your silver still needs maintenance.... look me up!  :D

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