Friday, December 17, 2010


I have been thinking this for quite some time now... I feel my way of blogging is too sterile. I mean its too clean kinds! I want it to be too perfect... And I am so not that! So from now on I am going to induce a new flavour... ME!

This blog is not just going to be all about my work.... (my label Coyote) but also what all I am up to besides my work.

The idea of personalizing my space and things around me, comes very naturally to me. It just feels right! From designing stickers for my water bottles to doodling on my sunscreen tube, I've done lots! Keep removing labels of these things though. Find them very space invading. 

I love trying crazy things on my self. Love to check and expand my boundaries, growth (not physically though) and keep expressing myself. New hair dos to new hair colors (last one was turquoise), have a piercing too and my latest proud expression is my tattoo!! 

marked with loved ones

The above script is Hindi. I scribbled it on a tissue paper and got it traced on me! It's a list of all the important people in my life (their initials). This picture was taken about after 3 days of getting inked.

The point is... there will be a lot of humane touch from hereon. I will still be sharing beautiful things around me, only not necessarily made by me.

Cheers to newness!

Friday, December 10, 2010

tureens..... one of my favourite words

Tureens or little dishes is what I call them. These little ones are also known as 'diyas' or 'Indian lamps'. All in silver...

ganesha diyas

CV 1. sitting ganesh

CV 2. lying ganesha

The above two designs are of the same size and not more than 1.5 inches each. They look very cute in a set of two. I prefer using them for 'chawal & kumkum/kesar'.

CV 3. ganesha diya with a baati holder

This one is over 2 inches in size. The most troubling part of making diyas/tureens is cleaning the concave part of it. It employs two, sometimes three different processes. In the above cases its the Ganeha's tummy :)

CV 5. ganesha profile

CV 7. tri-turee 
One can keep 'chawal' and 'kumkum' and 'kesar/chandan' all together.

CV 4. baby spoon

This one is a baby spoon. And once the baby grows up, it can be used as a diya. This one has dark green cut onyxes.

CV 8

I like this one. It has a textured wire circling the concave part and an oval cab, bright blue American turquoise of a very fine quality, minus the natural inclusions.

Have many more sterling silver accessories to add here. Shall do it bit by bit.
Rushing to get ready. Have a movie to catch! Did I tell you one of my other favorite things is watching movies. On an average, I watch at least 3-5 movies in a week.

Happy watching to me and to you!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

hand fashioned stainless steel

Reappearing with stainless steel product pictures....
This cheeky chick Vrushali, was my partner on the following four designs as well.

fruit pick with heart

fruit pick

Also, all of these are "hand cut" in stainless steel! Truly difficult to cut and shape and buff and polish s.s.

japanese maple book mark

sperm stirrer

Shall recur!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

some experiments.... that turned out well

I am back again. And this time I was fast. Like I had mentioned, had an exhibition last weekend. Have not yet had the time to click all the stuff that was specially designed for this one. For now have some product pictures felt and stainless steel......

Also my partner in crime for this show was this lass called Vrushali Kabre. She designed and helped in production of the pieces below. So all the designs in this post belong to her and me, both.

Felt goes first..........  

lotus cutout place mats

lotus leaf place mats

lotus cut n out place mats

fishy coasters

These two below still need some work.... have to make something (secret for now) out of it... :)

Let me know if you have any ideas for these. Shall post stainless steel after a break!

Have a loverrly evening!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

due thanks.... and love

Have been in a tizzy since a last few days due to the exhibition... Did not get a chance to thank two people Pavitra and Divya. If you are wondering who these girls are, check out their respective blogs: Masala Chai and Sound Horn Please. They feature fresh talents from India and other countries. Masala Chai just launched its first ever store in Chennai on 20th November. All the luck to MC!

I want to thank them for writing about Coyote. Here are the links......

And by the way.... the response to the new accessories at the exhibit was fantastic! Shall post more product pictures (that got sold) jaldi.

Love and thanks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

exhibiting this week end.....

just wanted to share my new accessories with you guys....

Buddha Stirrers

Item Stirrers
Now this one I thoroughly enjoyed making... did a small poll amongst friends too! Got them to vote for most memorable, current day, hindi movie 'Item' numbers. They have turned out cool and sturdier than I expected.

Weed Stirrers
This one is a dedication..... to 'Weeds'. Could not get enough of  'little boxes.....' Have at least 5 different version. Insanely love the crazy track!

Lotus place mat

This one is medium sized and gorgeous!

Tulip trivet

ROTI and DAL trivets


GARAM and SABJI trivets

Last three are made from thick clear acrylic. They look quite stunning in hand and on table. Were extremely difficult to click! They take on heat with no hassles. Can say this confidently after testing one in my own kitchen for a month. For those who need translation.....
ROTI - Indian bread; DAL - pulses; GARAM - hot; SABJI - vegetable.

Shall post lots more after the show is over.

Wish me luck....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Coyote logo by Vj

I just realized that I have not yet shared the logo with you.
Here it is....

 It has been designed by this brilliant artist/story teller, who people know as Vj and I know as 'dear husband'. 
Check out his blog:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a very short fling with fame...

Priety Zinta wearing CN 107 earring in People Magazine - March 2010 issue

Tamara Moss wearing CN 107 earrings in Femina - March 2010 issue

A small print of CN 82 earrings in the great finds section of Harper's Bazaar (India) - December 2009 issue

An article on me and my designs in a local newspaper - Afternoon 18th February 2010

Featured in an article titled 'New Need-to-Know Designers' - Grazia India October 2010

Coyote Acrylic Accessories (Buddha Coasters) - Grazia India October 2010

A small picture in - Marie Claire October 2010

waiting to add more to the list...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Off the hook..... and posts

CN 4

How many of you dislike the hooks attached on top of every possible earring made by man? Dont they look morbid? I think they do. There are two options... hooks (u-shaped wires) or a post (the straight stem like tiny rod with a screw). These days even gold posts come with snap fit screws, so no threading and twisting is required. Dropping and searching time still does not get saved!



CN 14

There was a time I dint design or make silver jewellery. I bought. But my heart was set against them. It looked to me as though these hooks and posts were mass produced and put on top/behind every earring made on Earth!

CN 107

CN 12

CY 10

Posts were especially a pain! Have funny nose squirming memories. Every morning I had to walk half a kilometer to get to my school bus. I was perpetually running late. So I would shove my tiny earrings (with post and snap fit screws!), my rings and my watch in my skirt pocket and run out of the house. Tried to put on every thing before boarding the bus. AND.... almost every other day, I use to drop my earrings' screw! I searched mud each time with the bus right ahead and many exasperated heads hanging out! Bothersome yaadein!


CY 28

CR 28

So when I started designing I decided to try and do off with these hooks or posts in as many designs as possible. I extended the design in such a way that the hooks would be incorporated in it and the piece could simple be slipped on.

CN 50


CR 4

I would not say they all look sad. Sometimes they best compliment a design too. But I felt deprived that time. I have never liked compromising! And for my wardrobe or home...... never ever!


Made a few in the beginning and dint stop.

CR 20

 Incline towards them still...

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