Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Interview on FTV India

Hey to all!

Wanted to gloat... no but I am delighted! I was interviewed by FTV India. Please check the link:

I'll be sleeping with a smile tonight!

Monday, July 26, 2010

tactile textures...

snake chain texture pendant

I fell in love with precious metals while I was learning all about them. The numberless textures that can be done over them amaze me further. The look and feel of each one is prodigious. Those all who love metals will exactly know what I am saying.

punch tool texture - CY 2

crinkled texture - CM 4

As students we were meticulously taught the difference between a texture and a pattern. However, the difference between a texture and a finish... was left for us to decipher. I am sure my friends from college will read this and smile.

pinched wire texture - CN 47

planned hammered texture - CN 66

Commonly, textures are created by employing dapping, hammering, pinching, scratching, crushing, by using textured rolling plates, etc. But  anything that can be scribbled on paper, can be transposed as a texture onto silver. Feel guilty while saying that I have not been very experimental with textures. But I have tried a few... and still keep getting mesmerized!

random hammering - CN 95

Do you love textures?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coyote Accessories in Acrylic

heart coaster and a stirrer

Its a beautiful day outside and I am sitting home working...
But I am excited. 'Coyote Accessories' in acrylic have recently seen their first preview. In a show in Mumbai and on Facebook. The reactions were amused ones to waaws. 

I have been working with silver for very long now. Needed to have some more fun. I thought the next material, I play with, needs to have colors... loads of them!

I started sketching and figuring out vendors. Designed various dinning as well as home products like coasters, couple coasters, stirrers, key rings, napkin rings, place mats, hangers, boxes for different uses, screens. Lots of it is still in production. Some with me. Adding a few pictures here for you to see. 

buddha coasters

hangers inspired by panties

coasters inspired by 'lingam'

lotus coasters

The smokey placemat below is translucent. And the pink oval has jaali all over with space for a glass or bowl. 

2 different placemats

double layered jaali coasters

jaali couple coasters

I'll be happy if anyone has ideas to share.
Untill then, stay colorful!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wire work on sheet 

A few more of my designs... Sterling silver and 22k gold plated. I wanted to try and work with layers. So I designed some everyday pieces. Small ones. Now small ones in my dictionary are atleast about 1.5 inches. Dont feel they show, if they are any smaller.

Layering on silver is easy. But cleaning up the mess around...never! It can be quite a task! Be it layering with wire, sheet or stamps. I had fun trying these pieces. They failed the quality check so many times, that they had to be cleaned over and over! 
Stamping on sheet

The pair above is reversible. It is gold plated on one side and silver on the other.

Now that I had tried my hand at these. I decided to push my luck. Planned another piece. This time it was wire on 'textured sheet'. I know I was taking a chance and the pieces could be totally inferior in quality. But now that the idea had occurred, I had to make an attempt. The result was not very pleasing in the first go. Turned out worth it all, in the end...

Wire work on textured sheet

Have a superb weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010

About 'Coyote'.

CN 82 - butterfly earrings


My name is Dipika. I design and dance. And just about manage to do other things too!

My affair with design began in 2003, when I joined National Institute of Design (NID) for a PG in Lifestyle Accessories Design. After finishing it, in 2005, I started creating. I lovingly called my label 'Pink Dot'. It all started with gold and diamonds jewellery. Silver followed and then silver accessories too happened. I moved cities in 2007 and felt the need for change... that is when 'Coyote' came into being. Towards 2010 end, I started exploring other materials like acrylic, stainless steel, felt, etc.

'Coyote' is species of wild wolves. Also slang for a sexy women. I loved the name because it has character and a certain kind of wildness attached to it. Coyote is all about a fabulous art called jewellery.

All the silver designs that you see on this blog are hand crafted from 92.5 sterling silver. Assorted gemstones, finishes and textures & unusual forms and details are employed to make these designs interesting. My cliched design quote is 'form follows fervour'. It's all about passion!

Besides adding my work to this blog, I occasionally will be adding a shots of my insanity too. You shall have to endure it all.

Hope you enjoy seeing/ sporting my designs as much as I love making them..

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