Saturday, November 27, 2010

hand fashioned stainless steel

Reappearing with stainless steel product pictures....
This cheeky chick Vrushali, was my partner on the following four designs as well.

fruit pick with heart

fruit pick

Also, all of these are "hand cut" in stainless steel! Truly difficult to cut and shape and buff and polish s.s.

japanese maple book mark

sperm stirrer

Shall recur!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

some experiments.... that turned out well

I am back again. And this time I was fast. Like I had mentioned, had an exhibition last weekend. Have not yet had the time to click all the stuff that was specially designed for this one. For now have some product pictures felt and stainless steel......

Also my partner in crime for this show was this lass called Vrushali Kabre. She designed and helped in production of the pieces below. So all the designs in this post belong to her and me, both.

Felt goes first..........  

lotus cutout place mats

lotus leaf place mats

lotus cut n out place mats

fishy coasters

These two below still need some work.... have to make something (secret for now) out of it... :)

Let me know if you have any ideas for these. Shall post stainless steel after a break!

Have a loverrly evening!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

due thanks.... and love

Have been in a tizzy since a last few days due to the exhibition... Did not get a chance to thank two people Pavitra and Divya. If you are wondering who these girls are, check out their respective blogs: Masala Chai and Sound Horn Please. They feature fresh talents from India and other countries. Masala Chai just launched its first ever store in Chennai on 20th November. All the luck to MC!

I want to thank them for writing about Coyote. Here are the links......

And by the way.... the response to the new accessories at the exhibit was fantastic! Shall post more product pictures (that got sold) jaldi.

Love and thanks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

exhibiting this week end.....

just wanted to share my new accessories with you guys....

Buddha Stirrers

Item Stirrers
Now this one I thoroughly enjoyed making... did a small poll amongst friends too! Got them to vote for most memorable, current day, hindi movie 'Item' numbers. They have turned out cool and sturdier than I expected.

Weed Stirrers
This one is a dedication..... to 'Weeds'. Could not get enough of  'little boxes.....' Have at least 5 different version. Insanely love the crazy track!

Lotus place mat

This one is medium sized and gorgeous!

Tulip trivet

ROTI and DAL trivets


GARAM and SABJI trivets

Last three are made from thick clear acrylic. They look quite stunning in hand and on table. Were extremely difficult to click! They take on heat with no hassles. Can say this confidently after testing one in my own kitchen for a month. For those who need translation.....
ROTI - Indian bread; DAL - pulses; GARAM - hot; SABJI - vegetable.

Shall post lots more after the show is over.

Wish me luck....
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