Monday, March 28, 2011

and you are invited...

I participate with my designs in many luxury fairs, charity shows and bazaars. I invite my friends and clients with my special-made-for-the-show invites. Some of them turn out gorgeous!

Thought you would like a dekho...

I love last three... (collage of actual pieces).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

ring -a -ring -a roses...

I love rings! And have a very-almost enviable personal collection of some 40 odd silver rings.

Sharing pictures of some rings, not all, that I made with a very generous heart (a complete lie!!) to sell...


with amethyst

with spice topaz

guy ring - made for my boyfriend that time

with citrine

Stones and silver.....

amethyst shivlinga

cz topaz onyx


 Silver gold plated.....

with (now extinct) rice pearls and baroque pearl

with peridots

inspired by lotus - love the shank!

inspired by lotus - shank of this one is the shape of the top of the above ring

had to! had to! add these.....

Got any interesting silver rings you love?! If you share yours... I'll share them here along with my personal ones... mail me!

happy finger-ring!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I forgot to add this work to my 'nid works' post. I made it during the jewellery module. More like jewellery with experimental material... 

braiding bands linked with silver rings

It took me almost two whole months, to make a choker neckpiece and a pair of 3d (tubular) earrings with this technique. Killingly tedious...! to first make the jump rings out of thin silver wire and then plug them onto two bands at a time, plus making sure the bands don't get crushed or too tight anywhere.

It was finally displayed at India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) '2004 and wholly appreciated.

Oh! I named it 'Chiquita'.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

industrial design.... exploring on

I started the other way around. Put the final products in the 1st post, trials in the 2nd and the ones I love the most... explorations and experiments... for this one! 

As soon as I got my brief, I reached Amrapali's export factory called 'Rajiv Arora'. Later they opened up another factory right besides the export one and its called 'Amrapali'. This one is for the local market's production. But nothing beats the charm of 'Rajiv Arora' factory! 

the 'un-holed' ball

Although I had worked briefly with silver and other metals before then, at the institute, this was completely new! There were 3 girls in the design department. They kept on telling me things... possibilities and the impossibles. The first thing thrown at me was... You cant make complete ball of silver! It may burst... so you have to puncture it and the go about your work. Now that was a challenge for me... and the result was the piece in the picture above. Holes were made later and stones were set into it. But there was an 'un-holed' ball 1st!

the jaali ball

Next statement was... You can never set stones before the soldering! It always has to be after. This one required some thinking and some bit of researching about properties of various stones. The result was a jaali ball with a stone inside it (picture above).

golf-ish ball

As I started playing with stones and silver, I was told... To set 2mm stones (in flush setting) the silver sheet has to be of at least 21-22 gauge. No less will do. The tone of 2 gurls in particular was challenging in an unfathomable way or so I thought. For the rest of it I'll say, I always have been the questioning kinds. I feel very strongly that... every-bloody-problem has a loophole! I explored stamping around the same time. And the result (answer) was 23 gauge silver sheet with 2mm stones in flush setting (with stamps behind the stones)... This idea is brilliantly relevant today! thanks to the soaring silver prices. Its 51.50/- INR per gram as I type.
silver coin with copper stamps (and the black marks)

My first brush with stamping (picture above). They dint poke me after that or maybe I was too excited about newness around to notice. I felt like a little girl (with a sweet tooth... that I really have!) left alone in a candy store...

Tried to make the above piece look as if the stone was tearing up on to the surface. Failed miserably at that! But I created this crushed foil like texture with my own hands and soldered it on to another thin flat sheet for strength. So no casting or repousse was employed. 

pendant - settings etc.

double sided pendant - exploring curves

ring - gold plated copper inlayed (not really)/ tricked in to silver

double finger ring

Fished out this stone during a market visit that time. Freaked out at the brightness of pink. Many of these were made by me... not all the way to the end but a lot of processes. I fell in love with these pieces so much that I offered them to keep my remuneration and let me take these pieces back. They took it. And a 'Happy Ending' it was...

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