Thursday, April 14, 2011

turq sweet home...

45 inch mirror table top

Kanika of anek designs saw my old nests pictures a few days back on my FB account. She asked if she could do a post on it on her blog. And I immediately agreed! But only after loving the idea of doing the same on my blog... 

coffee corner with my favourite gold frame

So here I am... bouncing off on her idea... and posting a pictures of my old home.  I am emotionally attached to this place... and I guess I will be forever. It was this house that I moved into, when I first landed in Mumbai three and a half years back to make it my new home. 


It was a mid December evening when my flight landed in Mumbai. And my very-few-days old husband dropped me here and went off to collect his bags and books from his old place. And there I was! Standing in an empty house with only tubes, fans, fittings in the bath and a thin film of dust on everything one could lay eyes on!

pee place

I scrubbed and clean every corner of the hall so that we could have a clean place to sleep that night. Over the next few months we gathered a few required things to fill it up and added the much loved accent colour to the drab walls.

the wall

By the way my husband painted this magical wall. He started one morning. Sketched. And before lunch it was morphed! He infused life in it! He is an amazing artist... See his work here.

We stayed in this house from 2007 to 2009. When we moved a lot of my friends asked, 'What did you do to the wall?' They were sincerely worried! My aesthetics have changed a lot since then. My wish list for my dream home is very different and very long too  :D

Do you have a dream home? ...or a wish list for it?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

paisa! paisa! paisa!

A glimpse of my up coming collection. All around coins.. Indian 5re coins.. Money/coins always excite me. Who doesn't get worked up about it? 
CY 61 - coin brooch with blue chalcedony and coral

Completely adore it. The stone is half set and half stuck on the sikka. It's actually at an angle, the base is lower than the coin and the tip higher. Ring and neckpiece will follow soon. 

By the way! This collection will be called 'Paanch Rupaiyya'. All the coins used in this one are usable and not damaged at all.

Let me know what excites you?

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