Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Come summers and all things cool appeal. Somehow lemons are close to me more than ever! And chartreuse is fast becoming my favourite. One of the new pieces that has just arrived has a gorgeous-gorgeous green stone...

CR 89

Love how the simple link and the beautiful green (not enhanced digitally) make the piece look so stylish. By the way the ends are now secured by a similar green satin ribbon.

Thinking of lemons....... one song surely spring to my mind... the ever classic Lemon Tree. Also, a few weeks back I was introduced to Lemon old Brit electronic duo who have made some amazing music!

CN 32

This one is an old design. I got bored of the last piece I made of this one. So to add a twist, instead of the drops below I suspended a peridot chain (also green!) from the jumpring of one earring and ended it at the other. And voila! a chain cum a pair of earrings was ready. Looked tangilicious...

Have a flavourful and zesty week!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

new stuff

My new collection is almost ready... and getting ready as per my hearts content and satisfaction this time! Shall write and reveal more about it very soon.

CR 86

I have been enjoying a lot lately ...funning and friending. An old design of mine in a new look just arrived and is all black.. I fell for it completely! During the blackening process, some random marks appeared on it. And thats what excited me the most! (visible on the left side of the image) These silverish marks add so much character and individuality... just love them! 

Also, a crazy-fun friend of mine had come to stay with us for the last weekend. She introduced me to this very infectious french song... I love Dance

See if you get infected...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

look who has come...

... a romantic!

This gorgeous girl goes by the name Divya. She is not only beautiful but also very talented! Armed with an experience of about 7 years in design, this lass has not created less then wonders in the name of jewellery. I asked her to do the honor of inaugurating my guest bloggers list because I simply adore here style and language. This is what she wrote...

I am Divya, an accessory designer by profession with a die-hard romantic essence and the lines that follow, reflect a bit of both. I find romance everywhere… in literature, in music, in food and add it in every piece of jewellery I create. I am curious to know who will wear it, excited to see the gleam in her eyes and the sheer joy of owning something that makes her feel beautiful.

Every girl has a favorite piece of jewellery which she treasures, for me its an ordinary tiny diamond ring that I wear on my most important finger. We women are romantics! Even those who claim they are not ;)

When Dipika asked me to write a little something for her blog, I thought of sharing two beautiful stories, where the feeling behind the jewellery became of more importance than the jewellery itself. And its for all those guys out there to know that it is not the ‘material’ that we care about, it is the thought that counts so much more…

Story 1:

This one is about a bourgeois couple in love for last 25 odd yrs. A classic case of a guy completely smitten by his lady love, who wants to emote every expression of love that exists, neutralized by a woman who is introvert and shy and her best expression of love towards him lies in a beautiful smile and by the way she stands besides him. The man changed by the undiluted love of a woman who accepted his flaws in the same vein as his affection. He transformed, from the loud ignorant man who enjoyed a drink too often with his friends, to a man who valued his family…his lovely wife and children.

Her unflinching support through the difficult times when success eluded him, made him realize that perhaps love is not just about making yourself heard, perhaps stronger when unsaid. So after some difficult times had passed and he regained what had set him back, he wanted to do something special for her.

On a usual Sunday evening, after their cup of chai together, he took her out to the bazaar, where they usually went to have her favourite panipuri. As he parked his scooter, he took her by surprise by taking her to a jeweller’s store. Her gold kadas (thick/wide bangles) were ready. He handed them over to her saying, ‘I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me, for all those sacrifices you have made silently. You sold off your gold kadas so that I could pay off my debts, that day was very painful for me. I had resolved then, that the day I had enough, I would buy them back for you’. A teardrop was shimmering on the sides of her eyes, when she heard this, which meant – I will love you forever. She was too shy to say it. He understood... and said ‘I love you too.

Those kadas are still my moms most precious gift.

Story 2:

It was their 50th wedding anniversary. They had a huge gathering at their royal mansion in a posh locality in the city of Mumbai. He had made it big after all these years and she stood by him from rags to riches, strong, supportive and confident in him. She looked beautiful, he thought, even though years had wrinkled her face but her eyes still had the same glint when they had first met. Maybe it was her soul that rendered the radiance. He looked at her and then at the mansion, and thanked god for all that he had achieved, material and spiritual.

After cutting the anniversary cake, he took her inside and showed her two boxes. She opened the first box. A note in it read - ‘You were with me when I could give you just this’. The box had a ‘fake diamonds’ necklace made with ordinary metal that he had gifted her on their first anniversary. It was all he could afford to buy then. He handed her the second box. It had the same necklace, but this one had real diamonds set in gold. And the note read - ‘You have been a wonderful companion. And have been my support in the years I was struggling. Without you I wouldn’t have been what I am. This is a small token of my love and thanks’. She knew she could afford all the diamonds in the world at that time. Yet what made that diamond strand extra precious to her was the thought and love behind it. She looked at him with the same twinkle in her eyes – just like the diamonds he had just gifted her… and smiled.

And yes, this is a true story too… of one of my clients’. I designed and made that diamond necklace for his wife and in the process got to know his plan and her reaction to it.

I believe every one of us has a story to tell, about the most prized jewellery piece that is ever so close to our heart. So when you are back home, ask your friend, mom, grandma.. which is that piece of jewellery that is closest to her heart? More often then not, her most cherished piece would be the one for a reason that is beyond its material cost or physical beauty.

-Divya Batra.

A few things about her...

CN 28 the Coyote design Divya adores

This aquarian loves reading Gulzar and Harivanshrai Bachchan. Her favourite song is 'aapki aankhon mein kuch' from the hindi movie Ghar. Apart from being a very sweet singer she secretly yearns to play the guitar like a pro while singing. She admires CN 32, CN 74 and CN 76 and CN 28 from the Coyote designs (75% jaali designs by the way!). Prefers movies over clothes and food over flowers! A tub of Bavarian chocolate ice cream is her idea of indulgence. And her favourite word is bosa... which means a light kiss!


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