Tuesday, June 28, 2011

old me vs/ the new me...

Old me was great! The me in middle was a little low. And the me now is like never before!

When I did a post on my industrial trainings' learnings and makings and explorations... I got a few ideas. Imagine... getting ideas from ideas!

So using two ideas from the last post of industrial training (read the text below these images in the earlier/linked post to get the point)...

'un-holed' blue ball exploration

textured golf ball with stamps behind

I made a these two..

Blue ball double finger ring - CR 87

Blue ball double finger ring - CR 87

Golf ball pendant/brooch - CR 

Golf ball pendant/brooch with stamps behind - CR 88

Have an easy easy week ahead!

Monday, June 13, 2011

i still want my hula hoop

Ever heard this song from the animated film Alvin and the Chipmunks? I went crazy when I heard it first.. specially on this line. 
CN 43 - inspired by Vajra

CN 79 - texture and layering inspired by fish scales

CN 44

Hoops...... classy and crazy! You can find all sorts. I suddenly noticed that I too have made a lot of hoops over the years. 

CN 25

CR 67

CR 33 - with carved turquoise flowers

The good part about them... is that they are so versatile! They can be clubbed on any outfit... be it Indian or otherwise.

CN 100 + CN 101

CN 100 + CN 105

CR 32 + CN 102

 ...and they suit all face cuts!

CN 159

CN 133 - with blue chalcedony

CY 20

The most lo-hass piece in a jewellery box!

CN 155 - carved in turquoise with carnelians

How many hoops do you have?

Friday, June 3, 2011

mere paas 'maa' hai... tere paas 'key' hai...?!

Maa (mom) to theek hai... the question is whether to 'key' or not to 'key'...

maa hoop

An incident that happened in 2007-08 inspired me to make this design. the story goes like... 

In 2007-08 season of cricket, Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh was accused of abusing Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds. Wonder why was calling 'monkey' termed as a racial abuse... just because Symonds is from mixed race maybe?!

Coming back to the monkey business.... I mean the story behind the 'monkey calling'. Only Indians knew this one. These two got into a verbal brawl. And Harbhajan being the hot headed punjabi munda, must have said 'teri maa ki...' Which loosely means 'your mum's...' and nothing further. Its a way of teasing or say partially abusing. And all Symonds understood and held onto was 'maa-key', which eventually made sense as 'monkey' to him.  Indian news channels were flooded with this revelation and amusing piece for days.

And this is how came the 'ki' to the 'maa'...

maa + key

One night some friends were partying at my old house. Two of them (one sporty and one experimental) saw these two pairs of earrings (maa-key) that had arrived the same evening. They loved it and picked them up right then and to spice things up further, both kept gold for one ear and silver for the other. 

maa-key earrings

The above is the sporty ones pairs' current picture, here maa is gold and the other is silver. 

Anyone else with a funny story behind a piece of jewellery?

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