Monday, August 1, 2011

Bartan by Coyote ....2

The SALE was fabulous! Would love to thank The Shop, Sandhya Gorthi and the whole team at the store.

The response to both the new collections was amazing! Great feedbacks too... So I thought of sharing some more pictures from the 'bartan' series here.

karchiyaan - kaan k zewar (earrings)

tawa - kapde ka zewar (brooch)

You have seen the above two designs.. Some more below..

karchiyaan - kapde ke zewar (set of 3 pins - brooch)

pateeliyaan - kapde vah gale ka zewar (brooch cum pendant)

pateeli - haath ka zewar (double finger ring)

After seeing this collection 'bartan'... many freinds and strangers came and shared their childhood stories and stories of how they played with their friends. I wanted to make this series forever... because of my happy memories attached to it. I guess the feeling was very honest and rubbed off on a lot of people who saw it. It evoked nostalgia...

Have one more good news to share! I shall soon be holding an online Sale for those far away from Mumbai. So make space in your calendars for next week! Shall announce the dates soon!

Will be adding the pictures of the second collection very very soon! Also have some more great news lined up... wait on..

Have an energetic monday!

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