Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Exclusively for Sanctum

Previous post began with thanking Sandhya Gorthi of The Shop. This post contains pictures from the new customized and exclusive collection for a new brilliant lifestyle store in Mumbai (19th road, Khar) called 'Sanctum'. This ones too owned by the same amazing woman called Sandhya Gorthi.

Sanctum is a fabulous split level 'Shabby chic' store thats all about affordable designs. 

CR 125 - the one with turquoise

CR 116 - the scribbled ones

My partner for this project is a very interesting young lady called Mehrunisa. She helps me in maintaining the sugar in my designs and I help her with spices ;) Have I told you I love sugar! and cry at the mere mention of spices.

For the earrings above... I was just scribbling with my pencil. Nisa (Mehrunisa) just took my pencil and added a hook to one of my scribbles. And voila! 

Design wise, we compliment each other like roti and sabji...

CR 115 - the tribal ones

CR 122 - the popular ones with green cz

CR 126 - the most fabulous ones

A large number of pieces have been designed by Coyote specially for this project. Will add more soon. Some sooper interesting and unusual nose pins are going to show up too! The brief was to keep the pieces for the store pocket friendly and very Coyote!

Coyote is happy to be working with Sandhya and Sanctum.

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